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What is the Mushroom Mob?

Mushroom Mob is an NFT project on the Cardano blockchain. We are creating our own version of the metaverse - a mycelial network bringing like-minded people together to improve the health and wellbeing of ourselves and the planet.

Besides looking cool on your wall, a percentage of proceeds generated from Mushroom Mob NFTs will be donated to organisations that research ways to conserve fungi and use them to improve mental health therapies!

trumpet mushroom
The Collection

Mushroom Mob is a collection of 10,000 pixelated mushrooms. 100 will be reserved for giveaways. There are 10 core mushrooms and over 100 different attributes including facial expressions, caps and items, resulting in over a billion possible combinations! Minting is random, so you never know what you might get!

No. of NFTs →
Rarity →
RarityNo. NFTsDescription
Common6832Humble mobs that forage, have fun and make friends.
Rare1708Budding apprentices of weaponry and alchemy.
Epic760Elite warriors and sorcerers.
Legendary427Highly renowned. The glorified heroes.
Ultimate273Masters of the elements. Worshipped as gods.

Mushroom Mob NFTs fall into 1 of 5 rarity groups: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Ultimate. Rarer Mushroom Mob NFTs are distinguished by their powerful weapons, items and magical abilities.

The rarity of Mushroom Mob NFTs is determined by a Pareto distribution curve, also known as the '80–20 law'. It is a power-law probability distribution observed throughout nature.

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The Team
Artist/Software Engineer
Johnny is a Software Developer and pixel artist. He has experience in full stack development, plutus smart contracts, and is a Haskell fan. Johnny sees great promise & potential in NFT technology and hopes to onboard new people through Mushroom Mob. He is also passionate about inspiring young people from diverse backgrounds to pursue a career in tech.
Community Manager/Registered Clinician
Audrey has a Master of Health Sciences and is a registered dietitian. She has experience in lifestyle-based behaviour change interventions, blog/article writing, clinical research and adult health education. Audrey sees Mushroom Mob as an opportunity to empower people to live healthier lives, drawing on the community for extra support. Through Mushroom Mob, she hopes to build a network of health educators/clinicians to increase access to health care.
Discord Moderator/Registered Clinician
Scorchill has a background in clinical mental health. He has experience in cognitive behaviour therapy, psychotherapy and psychoeducation/ rehabilitation services.

Mushroom Mob was created with the vision of using NFT technology to improve health and wellbeing. We saw something special in Cardano - fertile ground to spawn a high-quality NFT project.We aim to deliver a long-term project that generates value, not just another rug pull - those are mean and forbidden by shroom law.

More than just jpegs, we believe NFTs will change the world in ways that most are yet to comprehend fully. We are not afraid to dream big and have high expectations for Cardano and Mushroom Mob.

Our Values

Deliver results - Produce high-quality NFTs

Give - Give back to our community and organisations supporting fungi

Trust - Keep our end of the bargain

Integrity - Do right by our community

Explore - This crypto stuff is a new frontier; we want to explore what's possible

Why fungi?
☕ Fungi give us some of our favourite foods and drinks, e.g. bread chocolate, beer, wine, coffee.
♻️ Fungi decompose all organic matter. Some can even decompose plastic and clean up industrial waste.
🌡️ Fungi keep carbon in our soils, not in our atmosphere. They're our climate change heroes.
💊 Fungi have therapeutic possibilities. Remember penicillin, one of our most commonly used antibiotics?
🌳 Fungi supply plants with nutrients and can even warn trees of environmental threats.
🌎 Fungi are often overlooked and forgotten, yet they are indispensable to the health of our planet.
The Collection

We believe that health is wealth.

Health encompasses physical health, mental & emotional health, family & social health, spiritual health, and a connection with our land. Acknowledging our role in protecting planet Earth started our journey into fungi. We learned how amazing fungi are and how much our world depends on fungi to survive.

As we continue in this journey, we will nurture our health & wellbeing and hopefully support you in focusing on yours too. Mushroom Mob aims to build a community that recognizes the power of shared experiences to support our health & wellbeing. We also hope to bridge the gap between our holders and health care professionals and improve access to certain health services.

xray mushroom
Q&A with Fungi Foundation

Mushroom Mob is donating to fungi research and conservation. Find out why it is important here.

Q&A with Mind Medicine

Mind Medicine Australia is a charity that supports the development of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

Event: Web3 Education

Join us for drinks & nibbles as we talk about Blockchain, NFTs and How they can link to our wellbeing. Spaces are limited.

Register now
Sustainable ADA

Sustainable ADA highlights projects that use the Cardano blockchain for good. Read our feature article here.

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Pixel Art Class

Mushroom Mob will be hosting a free pixel art class on Discord hosted by professional artist Jam Jam.


A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset that cannot be copied or falsified. It can represent real-world items like art, music, property, in-game objects and videos. They are bought and sold online, often using cryptocurrency.

We believe Cardano is the most eco-friendly blockchain with solid guiding principles and a noble mission to bank the unbanked.Our values strongly align with the Cardano community' s, and for that reason, we believe it is the perfect fit for our NFT. Read more here.

We recommend browser wallets:
- Eternl
- Nami

Or desktop wallet:
- Daedalus

Please avoid using an exchange wallet.

1. The easiest option is to download a browser-based wallet extension, e.g. Eternl or Nami (Chrome, Brave, Edge). Make sure you keep your seed/backup phrase extra safe!

2. Buy ADA to top up your wallet through a trusted exchange (e.g Coinbase or Binance). You will need your wallet address - this is found on your Yoroi/Nami wallet extension when you click ‘Receive’.

3. Send this ADA to your wallet address. You now have ADA in your wallet!

4. Click ‘MINT’ on our home page. Our wallet address will appear, along with the exact amount of ADA to send. Go to your wallet and click ‘Send’. Paste in our wallet address and the specified amount of ADA. You will then be prompted to approve the transaction.

5. Your job is done! Now it’s time to wait for your FIRST EVER NFT to arrive. This can take up to 30 minutes, depending on the blockchain load at the time.

They make great collectable artwork! Besides that, buying a Mushroom Mob NFT directs positive change. You will help map, protect and restore fungal networks; and also support scientific research on mental health therapies. You will own a digital asset that may grow in value, and you will be part of a community that stands for a better future. What more could you want?

- Eligible for royalty lotteries

- Exclusive free access to online health and wellbeing workshops

- Access to any future partnerships with health and wellbeing companies IRL

- Chance to win merchandise or event tickets IRL

You own it. It's yours! For example, you can:

- Use your Mushroom Mob NFT art for your own personal use

- Use your Mushroom Mob NFT art when you're on a third party website or app

- Create your own merchandise using your NFT

- Re-sell them at CNFT marketplaces like and

Your Mushroom Mob NFT will appear in the wallet address or connected wallet you used to purchase it.